ph Marco Biancucci


workshop with sharing

by Francesco Marilungo
assistants Barbara Novati, Roberta Racis
production Compagnia Körper

with the support of Being Motion, Studio Aria
in partnership with AMAT
with the contribution of MiBACT and Regione Marche

This project was born from the collaboration of Francesco Marilungo with RITRATTI D’ARTISTA, a dance festival conceived by Maria Rita Salvi, Maria Angela Pespani and Federica Zeppilli in Ascoli Piceno. And it constitutes a further step in the choreographer’s investigation about the concept of the female body as an object of desire.

The practice developed in his latest work “Party Girl” – performance for three dancers – is extended to several bodies, amplifying and above all enriching the choreographic material with the experiences of the participants in the workshop.